Levi Van Veluw – Landscapes

Today I was very inspired by the work of designer Levi Van Veluw when researching disguise. His landscape work depicts himself covered in grass, trees and twigs to create a set of 4 landscapes on his face. I was especially intrigued by the first season of spring as it linked with my ideas of disguising my character Susie from the carnivorous plants. Veluw’s work particularly struck me due to the way his sharp features protrude giving the landscape more shape than a typical flat landscape; I also like the winter season due to the snow white colour he uses making the features even sharper and the way the eyes look even more sincere giving a spooky aspect to the landscape. I think the way he uses such detail also makes it appealing such as the cows used in the autumn landscape and light posts in the winter, so it really captures the essence of the season such as how there is more darkness in winter.